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The Company

T-Square Engineering Solutions Ltd. designs, develops, implements and supports Integrated Solutions and High Technology Systems in the fields of Security, Telecommunications, Automation and Computing.

It cooperates with reliable and internationally known product manufacturers and is constantly updated on developments and breakthroughs in its fields of expertise, being always in the cutting edge of Technology and able to provide optimal solutions in competitive prices.

The workforce of the company is comprised of well educated individuals of high technical knowledge in their field of expertise that face every challenge responsibly and seriously, while their main objective is customer satisfaction and the creation of long term business relationships with our clientele.

Our main goal is the complete fulfillment of our customers’ needs, the high quality standards of our products and services, the fast and punctual support towards our clientele and the rapid and continuous growth of our associate network in Greece.

Our vision is the preservation of reliability, consistency and competitiveness, the constant growth of our clientele with business relationships that are based on trust and the company’s excellence in the fields of involvement.


The Company

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